Fresh Flower Tips

There’s nothing quite like an arrangement of beautiful, fragrant flowers to brighten up any room of your home. Whether you’ve purchased a bouquet of flowers from Flowers by Dorothy as a treat to yourself or have received some through delivery, we’ve got some great tips for you to help you keeping them fresh and pretty for as long as possible!

  • Ensure you place your fresh flowers in an extremely clean container. Glass is best. It’s time to put your favourite glass vase to work!
  • Fill your vase with water, about two thirds full. Ensure the water is not too cold; in fact lukewarm water is ideal.
  • Remove any leaves that may have become submerged in the water.
  • Ensure that you change the water daily, taking care to remove any leaves or debris that may have fallen in to water.
  • You will need to trim the stems if you want to keep your flowers fresh for as long as you can. Take 1 to 2 inches off the stems, cutting at an angle with a knife.
  • Trimming the stems under water will reduce the risk of your flowers drying out.
  • Display your flowers in a suitable environment. Keep them away from direct sunlight and other heat factors such as open fires, radiators, etc. Make a home for them in a cooler part of your house.
  • Similarly, keep your flowers away from draughty spaces.

The above will contribute to you getting real longevity from your flowers, allowing them, to decorate your house for as long a time as possible!

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